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#2227: Durran asks about fish poisioning

From: Mary Durran <mdurran@colba.net>

Does anyone know anything about the safety of eating fish in Haiti these

ONce, at Cormier Plage in Cap Haitien, 2-3 years ago, I ate fresh,
beautifully prepared white fish, and hours later was struck down with the
most severe food poisoning I've ever had - sickness and diarrhea, as well
as worrying severe spasmic abdominal pains that came and went every 15
minutes.  15 hours later, I was OK.   I am sure that the fish was
completely fresh, but wonder whether there was some kind of poison already
in the fish.

I saw a doctor, who thought I had malaria, as I wasn't taking chloroquin,
but I tested negative, and if it was malaria, it's never come back. 

I know of other people who after eating fish, were sick for weeks with some
kind of poisoning that affects one's limbs. 

Does anyone have any more information on this fish poisoning, and just how
safe it is to eat fish in Haiti these days?

Mary Durran