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#2247: Air Force Medics, Col Bogdanski comments (fwd)

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

Corbett Village, I ran into Col Bogdanski again in the
Cyber Cafe en centreville, Okap and showed her
this posting. She printed it out and I offered
her the opportunity to reply to the mailing list.

Sir,  Thank you so much for forwarding this news
article,  We are madly working to build/rebuild and
assist wherever we are allowed.  The conditions are
somewhat less than ideal, but attitude is everything
when it comes to getting the job done.  Thank you, 
Lisa M. Bogdanski, Lt COl, USAFR

> "There's nowhere else to go for care," the young
> mother said. "I don't
> have the money."  Next door, some 30 Air Force
> engineers were laying the
> foundations of a new four-room dormitory for an
> orphanage. U.S. troops
> will  rewire the electrical system, extend the
> dining area and build a 
> latrine. 

> "if things go  well, the military
> will look to move on to Jacmel," on the south coast,
> said a spokeswoman,
> Lt. Col. Lisa  Bogdansky, 41, of North Salt Lake,
> Utah.  "Life here
> opens your eyes. The people are so poor and yet so
> friendly," 

J David Lyall,
AKA His Voidness, or Soy Devoid
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