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#2249: Okap international airport (fwd)


On Sunday, Feb 5 I flew directly in to Cap Haitian
international airport from Fort Lauderdale.

The plane carried 6 passengers. Luckily it was
only six as baggage took up the other 4 seats.
200 knots we did at 9500 feet until we hit the
deck just off La Tortue to go under the squalls.

The landing approach goes to the west of Morne du
Cap, over the baie de Accul and Labadie.
There is gorgeous countryside on that side
of the mountain. It is scarcely inhabited,
subsistence farms on the flatlands which look
as rich as any tropical farm land anywhere.

The airport is far longer than required for
the planes which land there now. It is a jet
capable field. All the airport buildings
are plywood though.

I am writing this in Okaps first internet cafe.
It has been open one month and is right on
the central square of town.

Look to www.dnetwork.net to see the provider.
They provide wireless internet service in the
area for future tourist guesthouses and