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#2251: the elections, le pep are not registering: Lyall comments

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

I was very interested in visiting Haiti at this time
with the elections coming up. Okap is plastered with
election materials from the different platforms.

The pov are apparently ignoring the whole thing.
I haven't met one street person who intends to
vote. I bought a copy of the konstitisyen kreyol
today from a machann librarie who will not vote.

This is not too different from the situation in
the usa, just a matter of degree. About 1/4
of US citizens vote in major elections. This
creates an oligarchy selected by the majority
who decline to participate.

J David Lyall,
AKA His Voidness, or Soy Devoid
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