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#2258: Petit Pierre : Seitz replies to Delatour


Re 2231

To Mario.

Mario, guess we could go on like this forever, but couldn't resist adding this:

I totally agree with you on some points re Aubelin's character, and I found the "monkey" description distasteful, embarrassing, and disrepectful.  
However, I believe the actor Roscoe Lee Browne was trying to play Petit Pierre as a sort of tongue-in-cheek character, filled with satire, and rather shrugging at things around him - except for his love of Haiti itself. 
I spoke to Roscoe Lee Browne about this portrayal often, who explained the above himself, and admitted how much he liked the Aubelin character. In fact at the Restaurant "Jezebel" in Manhattan where the actor frequents (along with Denzel Washington and the like), he has happily explained this role and the pleasure he took in playing a character as wonderful as Jolicoeur to all who will listen. When we last saw him a few weeks ago at Jezebel he was reminded again of the character and again voiced his pleasure.
I am sure Aubelin received this message also.
It's a bit complicated to be sure, and the movie "The Comedians" was really not a very good one.  But Aubelin's dapper, sophisticated, individual manner was portrayed with a certain style that is his own.  How many people have that privilege.  best wishes. sue seitz
p.s.  It's at least better than the dead body in the pool!  Prompted by my late husband, the gentleman whose character on who that was based used to introduce himself at the bar of the Oloffson now and again.