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#2261: benevolent dicts. : Delatour replies to Young

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

David X Young wrote.

   <<<The original intents of Christophe and also Duvalier were grand and
noble ones, and it is a sad fact of Haitian history that--to this day--
that pattern of racial hatred continues even within the confines of the
zozo priest.>>>

Would David X Young care to elaborate on his concept of the "Zozo Priest"
as it is a new one for me.I am assuming the "Zozo Priest"is none other than
Jean Bertrand Aristide. Does he mean the "Sex loving Priest" or the "Sex
looking Priest" or the "Sexually engaged Priest" or the "Sex minded
Priest". Please elaborate.

Mario L. Delatour