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#2283: Archive coming. Plea for help with subject lines

Folks, the response was overwhelming.  More than 100 people responded
and there was no one single negative response to the archive notion.

I have asked the webmaster to go ahead with it, including all posts
from the beginning.  I don't know when it will be up and running, but
I'll let you know the day that happens.

Several of you indicated you even had posts taht date back past the
beginning of my use of majordomo.  ONe person even had them back to
1996.  I wrote to ask the webwebster how I should go about getting those
up, and am waiting instructions which I'll pass along.

Folks:  the subject line will be more important that ever.
Could you do you own as much as possible.  I'll add the number.
Please:  short and key words.

Also: in you want at the top of any post add a line:

This will help future searchers find a post that is relevant to their

Thanks for the many thoughtful replies and good ideas.  

Bob Corbett