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#2287: the elections, le pep are not registering: Kozyn replies

From: John C. Kozyn <jckozyn@mnsinc.com>

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>
> I was very interested in visiting Haiti at this time
> with the elections coming up. Okap is plastered with
> election materials from the different platforms.

I agree, it's an interesting political moment.
> The pov are apparently ignoring the whole thing.
> I haven't met one street person who intends to
> vote. I bought a copy of the konstitisyen kreyol
> today from a machann librarie who will not vote.

Well, I've seen Haitian crafts with the word "IATAH" inscribed - big 
deal. But your first sentence David is more intriguing and it seems 
to run counter to what was posted here on Corbett's list by the IFES 
representative - she said 900,000 have registered, and a recent AHP 
dispatch, which claimed 2.5 million have done so. What a difference! 

But it does indicate some people are registering. We have some time 
left too, don't forget...

Personally, if I were Haitian, I wouldn't tell a "blan" whether I 
intended to vote either ;)
> This is not too different from the situation in
> the usa, just a matter of degree. About 1/4
> of US citizens vote in major elections. This
> creates an oligarchy selected by the majority
> who decline to participate.

I think you'll see popular participation in Haiti's political process 
increase rather than decrease. I also concur with your judgement of 
the US political scene. Not to choose is still a choice...

John Kozyn