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#2300: Novelist inquires

From: Paul Brandis <res00cyf@gte.net>

[Note from Corbett:  Please reply directly to Paul at address above this
line.  He is not a list member at this time and won't get items directed
to the list.]

I?m writing a novel which, for the most part, is placed in Haiti. 
Striving to be accurate in depicting several sites there, I contacted the 
Embassy of Haiti
asking if they could provide the name of someone living on the island who 
could supply brief descriptions of these sites. John C. Kozyn of the 
Embassy of
Haiti e-mailed me your name, saying that you maintain an e-mail list to 
which many journalists and authors belong. I would be very grateful to be 
to join the list. Actually, I need descriptions for only four or five 
sites, and the descriptions need be no more than a phrase or two. I could 
make up the
descriptions, but when, say, the air terminal at Port-au-Prince, the U.S. 
Embassy, or the Port-au-Prince Yacht Club, actually exists, (if the 
latter actually
does), I?d like to be able to describe them accurately.

If you can help me out, I?d be very grateful.

Sincerely yours, 

Paul Brandis