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#2319: Auguste would take some south Florida in Haiti


In response to John Black who wrote the following:

  And, no, I don't want to see any part of
 Haiti turned into south Florida, as the cruise ship companies would like.
 But, neither will I apologize for wishing it could be easier, cheaper, and
 safer to bring money into Haiti and leave it there.
 John Black
Dear Mr. Black:
oh yeah? I do very much want to see any, I mean any part of Haiti turn into 
South Florida or even close to that. Imagine! In that part I would be able to 
have my garbage picked up, city hall watching over my area, dependable 
electricity, water, telephone, transportation and a myriad of other services. 
I would not have to use the latrine anymore in my back yard. There would be a 
sewer system, a functioning and accountable police department, a local, state 
and federal government......, a 911 emergency system, fire department station 
houses, mail boxes at street corners, malls, more malls, smooth roads, not to 
mention mediocre Haitian radio programs, and.....and....ATM machines 
everywhere, etc, etc,.  

I mean imagine, just imagine something like that. 

Heck! I would gladly vote "for life" any government that can provide some of 
those things to me. 

Do you think that any executive member of those cruise ship companies could 
run in Haiti's next legislative election under let say "Fanmi Lavalas' " 
party banner, or that of OPL or "Professor L.M.". 

Where can I register to vote for something like that?

Jean-Robert B. Auguste