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#2322: St. Louis Haitians and Corbett headed to root Haiti on

>From Bob Corbett:

Tonight the St. Louis Blues Hockey team plays at home, but the
game is on cable TV.  Every sport's bar we could find in St. Louis
is doing that game and wouldn't budge.  finally I remembered a friend
of one of my own sons, who as a young man played on a soccer team I
coached.  He owns a sport's bar.  A call, some deep pleading from
me, and we now have 5 tables reserved for the soccer game.  Okay,
we'll be shoved into the corner, with one little TV and the hockey game 
begins about when the second half of the soccer match begins.  There 
will be bedlam inthis crowded bar, and, alas, unless we are wildly 
boistrous it won't be us, but Blue's nuts.  

But who cares.  We've got a TV and tables reserved and I'm about out the
door to hold down the fort.  Knowing my Haitian friends, they'll be 
unlikely to make it on time for the opening kickoff of the singing of
the national anthem!  But I'll be there, Haitian flag a waving.

St. Louis is out to root the Haitains on!

See you all later.  Wish I were going to have half dozen Prestige, but
I'll probably be drinking Guiness instead.  Ha, probably no more notes

Bob Corbett