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#2324: Creole Language Computer Software Development Update (fwd)


Keywords:  Haitian Creole, Creole, Creole language computer tools, software 
development, Creole conferences

Corbett List Colleagues,

This is to alert you to the publication of an update report of Mason 
Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2) on its Creole language computer software 
development activities.

It can be found at:


To whet your appetite, the report ends with these words:

<<  The optical character recognition (OCR) product line for Creole languages 
has been named CreoleScan(tm) and the orthography conversion product line for 
Creole languages has been named CreoleConvert(tm). Much interest was 
generated when MIT2 issued a press release announcing the successful 
development of CreoleScan(tm) and CreoleConvert(tm) for Haitian Creole.

R&D to expand functionality of CreoleScan(tm) and CreoleConvert(tm) to 
additional French-related, as well as Portuguese- and English-related, 
Creoles has begun. The initial results are way beyond expectation and we 
should have some additional product announcements to make shortly. >>

This is also to alert you to the fact that, as a result of the request of its 
organizers, a posting for the Society for Caribbean Linguistics Conference to 
be held in Mona, Jamaica, August 16-19, 2000 is now available at:


In order to accommodate the requests of organizers of that Creole Conference 
-- as well as the organizer of the Fifth International Creole Language 
Workshop to be held in Miami, FL (USA), March 30 - April 1, 2000 -- MIT2 has 
added a new functionality to its Creole Web Site 
(http://hometown.aol.com/mit2haiti/Index4.html):  A section for "Upcoming 
Creole Conferences".

If any of you Corbetters out there are organizing any Creole-related 
conference, we will be pleased to post your notice on the MIT2 Creole Web 
Site -- IN ADDITION to your usual postings to the Corbett List, the CreoLIST 
and/or the Web Site of Études Créoles.

It's possible that because of MIT2's cross-fertilizing, interdisciplinary 
activities, a few extra people interested in your conference might very well 
wish to attend or to participate.

Please keep that in mind as we all work together at making possible for 
Haitian Creole the same possibilities and tools available to the so-called 
"major international languages".


Marilyn Mason

Marilyn Mason, President
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, MA  02118  USA
(617) 247-8885 (office & answering machine)
(617) 262-8923 (FAX)
MariLinc@aol.com (e-mail)
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