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#2327:Schnall replies to Kozyn with hard evidence (fwd)


Dear John Kozyn,

What kind of ditzy blan do you think I am anyway? Of course I know who Kolon 
Get Mama'W is. Of the 100 Haitians I interviewed for my research project on 
attitudes towards the electoral process, 89 told me they were voting for 
Kolon Get Mama'W. And why not? Kolon's political platform, especially his 
stances against excessive UN fees for the G8 nations, gays in the Haitian 
military, and the proposed law to make adultery an impeachable crime make him 
by far the most attractive candidate for Haitian voters. Don't believe me? 
Come and see the thousands of posters and leaflets circulating in Petionville.


Nina Schnall  K.G.M.W.
Board Member Organization for the Maintenance of Correct Information on the 
Electoral Process in Newly Democratized Dictatorships
Vice-President Council for Proliferation of ATM's in Haiti
Founder of Society to Prevent Misuse of Electoral I.D. Cards 
Local Representative for AMWAY in Haiti