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#2337: hermaphrodite lwa? Gray replies


<< I hate to distract anyone from all this discussion about the great 
 of Haiti but i'm hoping someone can help me start to figure this one out. I 
 was recently proposed to by Ezili Boron. The thing is I thought Ezili Boron 
 was a female lwa and I'm a woman and I hadn't heard of same sex mystical 
 marriages before. However, it turns out that Ezili Boron is actually a 
 hermaphrodite and marries both men and women (that is, the female gendered 
 Ezili Boron marries men, the male gendered marries women). I was also told 
 that Ezili Boron is the northern equivalent of Ezili Je Rouge. So these are 
 my questions: Is Ezili Je Rouge also a hermaphrodite? Or is Ezili Boron not 
 exactly the equivalent of Ezili Je Rouge? Are there other hermaphrodite lwa? 


I have never heard of Erzulie Boron... sometimes Erzulie Dantor is considered 
to be a lesbian, and there is actually one lwa who is bisexual - Ogoun De 
Manye (Deux Manieres, Two Ways).  He/she is served in both Rada and Petro, 
with chickens or pigs, and as heterosexual or homosexual.  Also Damballah, I 
am told, is sometimes considered to be either hermaphroditic or bisexual, 
although I only heard that once.

Mystical marriages are usually heterosexual, and at least in the house where 
I first took the asson, the lwa had to be called into the head of a person of 
the appropriate sex.  However, I also know women who are married to Erzulie 
Dantor.  Hmmmm...

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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