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#2344: Haiti Election Bulletin : Wharram replies to Kozyn

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sylvania.sev.org>

John Kozyn:

John, I'm not sure which claim you were referring to that I was stretching
a bit.&nbsp; I probably did not make my point very clear.&nbsp; It appeared
to me that the IFES bulletin from Torie Keller seemed to gloss over the
picture of the registration process that I had been assimilating from the
posts in Corbett land; i.e. "<i>Voter registration turnout has been very
good . . . some isolated instances of violence in which the registration
materials were destroyed, but the process is going smoothly and peacefully
in the majority of the registration sites that have opened<b> </b></i>(
it's my understanding that a lot haven't opened for one reason or another)
. . . <i>some logistical mishaps<b>&nbsp;</b></i> (it would seem that there
have been quite a few logistical mishaps) . . .&nbsp; <i>Additional materials
are being purchased to replace those that were destroyed and to cover the
needs of the new registration sites around the country . . . There are
enough materials to accommodate the overall numbers of voters</i>&nbsp;
(?????)."&nbsp; In my opinion, this seems to be a pretty rosy picture of
how the registration process is going, since it trivializes the lack of
materials available; the demonstrations/ roadblocks etc. such as was reported
on Delmas.
<br>John, I wasn't indicating that I had read stories by Reuters or AP
reflecting that large numbers of people are registering.&nbsp; Also, any
comments are strictly based on my opinion of what I've read and tried to
digest from the Corbett postings as I find no info/news in the US media
where I live, in fact some times I question whether our news media even
knows there is a Haiti.
<br>I guess my misinterpretation and comments are indicative of why I am
generally a "spec-tator".

<p>Bruce Wharram</html>