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#2348: Haitian Summer Institute in Haiti (FIU)

  From: Jean Robert Cadely <cadelyj@fiu.edu>

The Latin American and Caribbean Center, the Department of Modern
Languages and University Outreach at Florida International University
(FIU) will hold the third annual HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE from July 3 -
August 13, 2000. The thematic focus of the Institute is "Haiti:
Language, Culture and Society." It will feature intensive introductory
language training as well as lectures and discussions on Haitian culture
and history. This Institute is unique in that it takes place in Miami,
where there is a vibrant Haitian community and where the Creole language
is alive and well. It offers the opportunity to develop a knowledge of
Haitian Creole structure and gain a better understanding of the social,
historical and political development of Haitian society, as well as to
discover various aspects of Haitian culture.

The program is open to regular and non-degree seeking students. It
includes 3 weeks of intensive courses held in Miami at University Park
Campus and an optional two weeks (July 28 - August 13) of study and
travel in Haiti. Students may register for the study abroad program
without taking the classes in Miami. The study abroad component consists
of one week of class and one-week tour of Haiti. It gives students
hands-on experience of Haitian life. During the week, students will
transverse the island, from the southern coast to the northern coast
with guides who are experts on the country.

The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE focusses on Haiti through an
interdisciplinary approach. Distinguished specialists (Dr. Anthony
Maingot, Dr. Ken Boodhoo, Dr. Terry Rey, Dr. Florentin Maurrasse, Dr.
Eduardo Gamarra, Dr. Pierre Vernet) will join the Institute to lecture
and conduct discussions on Haitian issues.

For information, please contact:

Professor Jean-Robert Cadely, director of the Institute
Florida International University
College of Arts & Sciences
3000 N.E. 151st Street
Miami, FL 33181
Phone: 305-919-5968
Fax: 305-919-5964
e-mail: cadelyj@fiu.edu

Tammy Bowers, Public Affairs Manager
Latin American and Caribbean Center
FIU University Park Campus
Phone: 305-348-2894
Fax: 305-348-3593
e-mail: bowersta@fiu.edu