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#2360: Peru -Haiti tied 1-1 (fwd)


MIAMI -- Peru and Haiti tied 1-1 in a first-round match of the 2000
Gold Cup Monday at the Orange Bowl. A goal by Peru's Ysrael Zuniga in
the 69th minute erased a 1-0 Haitian lead. The Peruvians repeatedly
attacked the Haitian goal the rest of the match but couldn't break the
deadlock.Zuniga nearly gave Peru the lead in the 85th minute but the
reserve forward missed an uncontested shot on goal.Haiti scored in the
61st minute, when Sebastien Vorbe drilled a point-blank shot past Peru's
goalkeeper Oscar Ibanez.Haiti finished the first round of the tournament
with an 0-1-1 record and one point. The only chance Haiti has for
advancing to Saturday's quarterfinals is Peru loses by four goals in its
Wednesday match against the United States.