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#2381: Image of Voodoo in the 21st century. (fwd)

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

Last year I had asked a question to this list, and not one, I mean not one
of you gave any input or even discussed it:

Acceptance of Vaudou a a legitime religion in the western world depends
primarily of the acceptance of Vaudou by Haitians.

My issue is the following:  
Ogoun represented by Saint Jacques Major is none other than Santiago Apostol 
the saint worship mostly in Spain for chasing out the Moors.  
Shouldn't the religion reestablish the integrity of the religion but reintroducing
the original african image or will vaudou remain this hybrid religion (no offense)
with adaption of christian images.  St Jacques Major is the only one I have a problem
with, other catholic images within the religion don't bother me.

Yoruba religion for example is gaining popularity in Latin-America and in the U.S.
because people can relate to it.  Will vaudou remain only a Haitian experience 
(in the wide sense)?

Now, can the vaudouists (or not) on the list clarify this for me.

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.