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#2398: Old Reagan Line : Duvalier discussion continues: Madhere comments

From: Madhere, Wesley  <Wesley.Madhere@turner.com>

That question would have been better posed to the late General Claude Raymond.  He was arrested back in 1996 for allegedly "plotting against state security".  He recently died not in prison but in a hospital surrounded by family members and friends.  I wonder what his fate would have been like twenty years ago?  Or better yet what kind of treatment would the General have given the average Joe Blow facing the same charges 20 years ago?  Would they have suffered the fate the fate of the General? or that of the old man in Guy Antoine's testimonial? 
I think Anonymous might want to pose the same question to the Carrefour-Feuilles families whose sons were killed by the police last May.  While the judicial system may be non-functioning, I would think there must be some comfort in knowing that some of the individuals alledgedly involved in these killings are in jail, and they can publicly demand justice for their sons.  I wonder if the thief in Jean-Pierre's story had any family?  I guess we'll never know.

Wesley Madhere