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#2395: saying still in use? Bellegarde-Smith replies

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

> From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>
> there was  saying i remember, and i was wondering if it was still spoken
> of in PAP....
> "boujwa-a ap mache avek visa-l nan poch li".....does anyone know if it
> is still in use?
	I knew a Haitian citizen with five passports. Duval Duvalier,
Francois's father, was also a French citizen. A Haitian of the upper-class
with German antecedents, had the Swastika flag in his living room in the
early 1960s. Several individuals with foreign citizenships have served
recent presidents in Haitian ministerial cabinets. All this was not
uncommon in the 19th century, knowing something about the genesis of many
families of the upper-class.