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#2408: An evening of Haitian food and music in Washington, DC

From: felix augustin <felix_augustin@hotmail.com>

This is an evening that you should not miss particularly the folks in the
Washington, DC area.

FONKOZE Metro DC is pleased to invite you to a great evening of Haitian food
and music on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 6:30 PM at the POTTER'S HOUSE, 1658
Columbia Road, Washington, DC. Haitian folk guitarist Harry Azemar artist
known as Rameza will provide entertainment.

This is a fundraising event for Fonkoze USA, an organization that supports
successful grassroots economic development in Haiti.

Admission, including dinner, is $25 per person. For reservation, please mail
check made out to FONKOZE USA to Richard Van Heuvel, 123 Spruce Lane
Annapolis, MD 21403 by March 07, 2000. For further info, please call
301-261-2281 or 410-267-9009. Please be advised that sittings are limited.