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#2418: voter registration? (fwd)


First off, I'd like to offer that I was not
asking people on the street (in Okap) how they 
were going to vote. I may be a ditzy blan,
but not that fou.

I spent three days in St Marc with m'zami
and they all have their kat elektoral. These
are poor people, but not street people.
The folks in Okap with whom I associate are
basically street people. The folks I meet at
the All System Bar B Que. 

My friends in St Marc are petit machann, the
tailor Boss Willy, etc. These folks all have
their ID.

St Marc has no internet, but SogeBank has taken
over the beautiful old brick warehouse on
grand rue and is turning it into a local branch.
Too bad, I wanted that building. Four foot red
brick walls, nice and cool.

In PauP today, my self assigned gide has his
kat. I confess that I was a little surprised.
He lives in Kafou but got his kat in post machann.
The woman working here at compustore has not
her card because the office in Delmas has