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#2425: Big Opportunity For Visitors

From: Sauveur Rosier <rsauveur51@hotmail.com>

Are you interested in visiting the mountains of Leogane when you are in 
Haiti? spending nights with haitian family? eating haitian food ? observing 
peasants life and visiting their gardens while they are working ? learning 
about their life?

This is a great opportunity for you to do that,when you get in Haiti, page 
Michael Rosier at :(6103)-246-2424,you can leave your name and your phone 
number so that he can contact you after.Or call at: 234-2660, ask Yvon Chery 
to help you find Michael Rosier.

When you dial 246-2424, an operator will ask you for the extension, give 
6301. Michael will organize the trip for you, give you the chance to stay 
with a friendly haitian peasant family in the mountains of leogane.

You will also be able to visit rural schools there, talk to the kids and so 
on... if you have any question send an e-mail at : rsauveur51@hotmail.com
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