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#2431: PAPA DOC documentary (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

With all of this Papa Doc insane madness that's going on Corbett land,
I would like to inform the list, that I have in my possession here in
a documentary done on "Papa Dog" by Swiss television in 1968. The film is
entitled "Un portrait de Francois Duvalier".(A portrait of Francois
Duvalier).Folks,you have got see this rare footage of multiple interviews
with "Papa Dog".It is in french.My favorite quote from the documentary is
"Papa Dog"
telling the subservient Swiss reporter how he likes to sneak out of the
palace to inspect the cleanliness of the streets of Port au Prince.
If there is someone on the list who has access to a large number of list
members whether in NY,Boston or Miami, I would gladly donate a copy so that
the maximum amount of list members can see this unique documentary.( 20
minutes by the way )
Does anyone have any ideas, how I could go about doing this,so as to avoid
800+ members writing me for a copy.This is not a commercial venture for me
as I dont own the rights to this film.I just happen to be someone who likes
to dig up old footage on Haiti.Maybe David Young might want to host a
screening at his loft in NY for the New Yorkers.As I will be in Haiti in
march, I could ask Richard Morse to organize a screening at the Oloffson
hotel for the Haiti list members.The rest of you folks I dont know what to
do.Bob do you have any ideas?
One condition though,we must invite Jean Poincy,wherever he may be to come
see his "Acteur Principal" "Papa Dog". After the screening all the guests
must turn around and ask Poincy to explain himself. If his answers are
unsatisfactory, he must be made to drink a case of "Barbancourt 3 etoiles"
so as to guarantee a maximum headache.(This is is not a personal attack
Bob,I like Poincy,he just drives me crazy with his Duvalier rethoric) Then
we will fly him down to Haiti for the upcoming carnaval.We will make him
wear                   Papa Dog's big frame glasses and that big black hat
of his and find someone to play      General Gracia Jacques to walk "Papa
Poincy".Last but not least we will find "Papa Poincy" a "Kabay" (a
submachine gun) and we will walk him down the streets of Port au Prince to
inspect their cleanliness .We will also examine how the "Masses" respond to
"Papa Poincy".
Carnaval in my opinion is the best way to test one's legacy.I do hope "Papa
Poincy" will survive the test and that the "masses" will not be too mean to
him."Papa Poincy" will come back to wherever he came from,make a "Mea
Culpa",and put this Duvalier discussion to rest once and for all.

Mario L.Delatour
Tokyo Japan