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#2440: Duvalier-era corruption cases - (fwd)


The case of the former Duvalierist being held without trial reminds me a 
verse I once read...It was written about WWII....In the Haitian context it 
would be...(different words same thought)

When the took the former minister next door..
I said nothing..I was not a politician
In my heart I knew he politicians had stolen from the people..
It did not matter if he ever had a trial...his place was in jail

When they took away the former colonel
I said nothing, I was never in the army
He and his associates had once taken away my beloved President
Everyone knew the army had stolen our democracy 
It did not matter if he died in jail...trials where not made for the likes of 

When they took away that soldier..
I said nothing..I was never a soldier.
His people where responsible for the dirty work..
How many lives were lost to soldiers..

Now they have come after me..
I sit in jail...Nobody says anything...
Maybe I shouldn't have written that article...
Maybe I shouldn't I have spoken my mind..
Maybe I should have said something before it was to late..

Human Rights are not made only for those we perceive to be innocent