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#2451: Which category do you fit into? A reply


That was a "cute" little joke, but I'm here to learn. I don't think I 
appreciate being called a "speck tator". I sometimes agonize over not being 
able to get through all of the messages and have to go by the message titles 
to filter out "garbage" (sorry). I almost wish I had passed over this one. 
I'd prefer to watch and learn, than to talk about things I have no or very 
little knowledge about. Do you realize that not every one wants to 
participate by "Comment Tating," "Aggie Tating," or "Hezzie Tating"? I myself 
am an American born Haitian. I know a few things about Haiti, but I ain't no 
expert. Though your cute little joke motivated me enough to comment, be 
advised it might only deter other people from participating farther than 
"speck tating". No one likes to be judged.