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#2453: Duvaliers and soccer tragedies: Antoine comments (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Excerpt from the news story about Joe Gaetjens:

"Mystery surrounds the event: Only one American reporter was in attendance,
so it received scant attention, especially with the Korean War breaking
out. Even The New York Times, in a wire account, credited the goal to Ed
Souza (no relation to John Souza). The Soccer Hall of Fame, which inducted
Gaetjens in 1976, could find only 10 seconds of footage. Despite claims to
the contrary, no photograph of Gaetjens scoring the goal is known to exist."

This is what I was told by one of Joe's very close relatives:

"Je te remercie sans mesure pour l'article concernant Joe. Destin tragique
parmi toutes les tragédies générées par Duvalier et ses sbires. La photo
du but existe. Je l'ai vue à l'office de la la fédération de "US football à
New york durant les anneés 60, Cette photo ornait tout un pan du mur de
la salle d'attente."

I translate: "I thank you beyond measure for forwarding this story about
Joe.  A tragedy among so many others caused by Duvalier and his cohorts.
The picture of the goal does exist.  I saw it at the office of the U.S.
Federation in New York during the 60's.  The picture adorned an entire
wall section of the waiting room."

Speaking of soccer, in one of my notes about Duvalierism, I related this
about the killer of Tony Piquion, a family friend:

"This Lherisson character is the same one, I believe, who accompanied
the 1974 Haitian National Soccer team to Germany for the World Cup.
After Haiti lost its first match to Italy, 3-1, in the game that produced
the goal of the tournament by Manno Sanon, a key player, Joseph, was
disqualified due to his use of an asthma medicine which contained a
banned substance.  Joseph got slapped by Lherisson in front of the
team, due to his misfortune.  It appeared that the team lost its morale
completely after that, instead of riding the crest of its very good showing
against Italy... If anything that I  (just) described is incorrect, I would
welcome a rectification.  I was not part of the Haitian soccer team, so
I cannot say what actually happened with absolute certainty."

Well, I have received a personal note in reply from someone who tells
me that I am mistaken:  The officer in question in the 1974 soccer
incident was not Aderbal Lherisson but Alcedius Saint-Louis. I am
glad that I invited the rectification, and I openly welcome it.  I apologize
sincerely if I involuntarily misled any of you.  If anyone else knows more
about this incident, please tell us about it more clearly.  It is NEVER
my intention to spread unfounded rumors.  I related a story that I had
not witnessed anc clearly told you so at the outset.  But I think it is
retelling by someone else who really know the facts of what happened
in Germany in 1974.  I thank you already.

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!