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#2457: Haiti-USA. Beaucejour replie to Succar (fwd)

From: Jean Beaujour <jbb123@hotmail.com>
>From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>
>On the other hand we have displayed signs of good team
>choegraphy.  The team is very organized and gives trace of a great defense.
>The Haitian team did very good against Peru especially these three players:
>the goalkeeper, Carlo Marcellin and Sebastien vorbe.  We have a good future
>we need to work on our weaknesses.  Vive Haiti!!!!!!

Were you watching the same game as I was, Haiti-Peru. The Haitian team 
should not be playing professionally because they are not ready for that 
yet. The team was totally tired by the end of the game. Vorbe could not play 
anymore by the 70th minute. There are certain minimun requirements you 
should expect from a professional soccer player. If you are going to be a 
soccer player, you have got to be able to play 90 minutes with full force, 
otherwise you might as well stay home. You dont need experience to play 90 
minutes of soccer without getting overly tired. No excuse for the haitian 
team here.

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