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#2465: A reply to Bell Re: #2434 (fwd)


I agree somewhat with Madison Bell who shows an open mind and whose remarks 
are quite pertinent.
Yet we should keep in mind that most of the Lwas have come from Africa with 
our slave's forefathers. 

The Spaniard colonization disappeared almost as quickly as the unfortunate 
Tainos-Arawak, and the French colonists lasted just a little more than one 

Our African Ancestors left us a tradition which dates back several 
millenniums and which bears a distinctive quality, the one of being true and 
verifiable all over the African continent.  

 I would just like to precise that Sen Jak Maj comes from Africa. Since 
quite a few of the so-called Moors were of African origins, I doubt that the 
image could have been chosen for its real representation. For those who 
haven't had the time to read African history or to learn the Vodoun oral 
tradition, let me offer you just one interpretation. Sen Jak Maj (often 
called Sen Jako), just by his name, represents the legendary Dy go dynasty 
who founded the Gana kingdom at the beginning of the 9th century as well as 
their alliance with the noble warrior Tuareg tribe called the Imajeuren. 

As for Gran Brijit, why should not we look at the proud yet defeated Birjid 
Nation whose ancestry can be found in the Koush, Napata and later Meroe 
dynasties who left their names to the Kagiddi, KAJA and KAJA BIRGID who now 
reside in Chad? 

Koush and even Egypt are very present in our oral tradition. Anyone can have 
a lot of imagination and project our tradition to his or her own ancestry, 
but then it is not Vodoun. Vodoun may be very undogmatic, but it is an 
ancestral tradition and anyone who depart from it, from the reality, is 
taking the wrong road,may and may as well start his or her own sect. 

Should we accept to be robbed of our own truth in this new millennium?  
Wisdom comes from knowledge and as we all know, knowledge takes many many 
years to acquire.

Bebe Pierre Louis