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#2487: Duvalier - Pina adds to Jeremie Massacres 1964 (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Keywords: massacre of Sansariq family in Jerimie 1964, Cedras, Aristide, 
Haitian Military High Command 1991

Let us not forget that Raoul Cedras's father was the Duvalierist mayor of 
Jerimie during this time. He was directly involved in logistics for the 
local macoute chief who took part in the massacre. One report has Madame 
Cedras actually participating by substantiating a rumor of a large cache of 
diamond jewelry owned by the matriach of the Sansariq family. They 
reportedly tortured her to death in an attempt to find its location before 
unceremoniously putting a bullet in her brain. She wore a large diamond 
engagement ring which Madame Cedras coveted and  had previously tryed to 
purchase from her. The transaction was rebuted by the elderly Madame 
Sansariq as it was a family heirloom.

This was a much discussed topic in the inner circle of Lavalas prior to the 
appointment of Cedras as the Chief of Staff of the Army in 1991. One faction 
said that this was evidence that his family history made him an unfit 
selection for the position while another held the line that his appointment 
would be a strong symbol of the new "marriage" that must take place between 
the people of Haiti and the armed forces. While the attempt at symbolism won 
out, as a valiant attempt at reconciliation and transformation of the army, 
history has ultimately judged the outcome of that decision.

I welcome any other version of the incident. I have been collecting 
differing versions and accounts of this horrible massacre for many years now 
and someday hope to recount and recreate the incident in my next film.

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