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#2519: An inquiry

From: Sue Hawley <shawley@christian-aid.org>

Missing Duvalier funds

We at Christian Aid are in the process of doing some research into how
much of the Duvaliers' money is still held in Western Banks and in
offshore accounts.  We are doing this because we want to put pressure
on Western banks and governments to return any money remaining as
funds for grassroots development.

Christian Aid is a British charity that has been campaigning for debt relief
for poor countries, and which works with several grassroots and
development organisations in Haiti. 

We will be producing a report in the autumn on the issue of stolen wealth
and calling for an international convention on it to be sent back to the
citizens of those countries from which it came.

We are very keen to hear from anyone who might know where
remaining Duvalier wealth might be (whether it is funds, property,
shares, etc.), and might be able to help us with some leads or
information. If people could reply to us directly rather than on the list - to
the email address: shawley@christian-aid.org we would be grateful. We
welcome any information, whether anonymously, or under condition of

Thankyou, and we hope to hear from some of you soon.  

Susan Hawley
International Policy Team
Christian Aid
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