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#2433: Please help Locate Marie G. Estime-Thompson


Can anyone on the list put me in touch withan attorney by the name of  Marie 
G. Estime-Thompson?  When I last had talked to her she had an office at 8801 
Biscayne Blvd. in Miami Shores but the number she gave me has been 
disconnected.  I searched for her on Martindale-Hubbel (a directory
of lawyers) and could not find any information.  Is she still in practice in 
the area and/or in Haiti?  I would greatly appreciate a telephone number or 
an email address but would be almost equally as grateful for a snail mail 
contact,. Thanks--
Love ya in His name
Sthomas & Tommy Henderson
Phone 319-323-5068
TESHSTEH@aol.com  SFclinics@haiti2004.com
2034 West 5th Street
Davenport, Iowa 52802-1006
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