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#2542: a caribbean comparison : Schulte comments

From: Paula Schulte <phs@aquacraft.com>

Re:   caribbean comparison of infant mortality etc. rates between Haiti &
	These figures might be more compelling in damning the US, CIA and free
market trade if we could compare the figures beginning 45 years ago, when
Haiti and Cuba shared roughly the same socio-economic characteristics and
political system under the same master (US), through today.
	I wonder if there is a sharp downward/upward trend evident at any point in
time and if so, how it might relate to political (and other?) situations in
Haiti, the US and Cuba.  Or maybe there are no major ups and downs for
either country and the figures just consistently slide down or climb up
(damning).  I wonder how much money was pumped into Haiti and Cuba by their
respective 'masters', the US and the Soviet Union and where it was
designated and where it actually went.  I wonder what other Caribbean
countries started 45 years ago at that same playing field of comparison
figures and how they have progressed to today, with what outside monies and
under which (if any) country's guidance.
	It seems to me that each Caribbean country and its people is quite unique
and I would first look in that direction to begin explanation of the
'caribbean comparison'.  Haitians are different from Cubans are different
from Jamaicans are different from Dominica Republicans, etc., etc.. And Cuba
has not been such a pretty place--yes, the Cuban government has also been
cruel and broken the backs of the Cuban people and bankrupt the country. But
Cuba has a shared political vision to unite and run the country; I do not
believe that there has been a shared Haitian political vision.  I think it
is being born, helped by the freedom of education provided by Bob Corbett
and this list.
	So I am surprised you make this 'caribbean comparison'.  We have all read
similar United Nations-type figures on the list already, probably just two
months or so ago.  To believe that Haiti's comparison figures are the result
of remaining under the control of the free market, from allowing the
continued economic domination by the US and because the CIA is allowed close
ties to security forces is indulging in the 'poor me victim' mentality.
	I wonder if these comparison rates for Haiti have improved at all from the
flood of missionary money, prayer, food, education, medical supplies,
doctors and clinics and small business loans.  Are the figures you quoted
available from 45 years ago to today?
Paula Schulte