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#2548: In resonse to Goff: caribbean comparison (fwd)

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

it is always interesting to me to hear comparisions between Cuba and
Haiti, and usually from one who promotes the repressive totalitarianism
of Castro....

however, i think that one should travel to Cuba, and especially those
areas (most of them) where tourists are not encouraged to go in order to
see the conditions in Cuba first hand...stay for a month if

over 40 years of Castro has produced a failed agriculture....food is
still scarce and this is after the billions of dolars of aid given by
the former Soviet Union.....

this is due to the failed concept of state ownership, which destroys any
personal incentive.....all one has to do is look at Russia today to see
the disaster that is called "marxism"....

Castro has increased literacy, but not employment...he increased medical
care, but when a government official needs even a simple operation, they
go to Mexico or Venezuela....if one needs insulin, malaria pills, most
anti-biotics, etc, they must either pay in dollars on the black market,
or do without.....

prostitutes make more in one evening than medical doctors make in a
month.....teachers have not had new textbooks in almost 10 years and the
level of technology in Cuba as dropped considerably.....

clean water is in few places, and the same is true for electricity......

most of those who tout the advances under Castro simply have not spent
much time traveling around the country....and, traveling on mostly poor
roads, i might add....