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#2552: Gran Brijit et al : a reply


Initiation should induce revelations since the lwas who dance in one's head 
should visit the initiates and instruct them.

>From what I have read, I don't think that anyone has ever been visited by 
Lasiren. It is not mandatory since the tradition teaches that:

- she is closely related to Ezili Fréda  with her sister Labalen. 
- she, among others, belongs to the Agwe escort (eskot Lamè)

As such, in Haiti, she used to be represented by the manatee. She was the one 
to receive the bark of offerings to Agwe at the estuaries and carry it to the 

Unfortunately, the manatees have disappeared.  They were worshiped by the 
Tainos, theCaribs as well as the deported Africans who had they own cults to 
various marine animals residing in the estuaries of their respective 
countries of origins.

As for the cult to Gran Brijit, lets just remember that she represents the 
first woman buried on this earth.  In Haiti, she represents the first woman 
buried in the cemetery where one has his or her devotion. It would be 
interesting to know where the Scottish deportees of the Stuart wars buried? 

Gran Brijit is usually called Manman Brijit, I don't know of many Vodouisant 
having a filial relation to the Scotts!

One of her song is very specific about Koushite origin:
- Manman Brijit Koushé, lap domi, lè la levé denyé, hounsi doba, dlo nan jé.
(denyé meaning "in illo tempore")

Bébé Pierre Louis