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#2566: Haiti documentary to be screened in San Francisco

From: Caitlin Manning <cmanning@igc.org>

LaFanmi Selavi, (description below) is a documentary on Haiti that will be
screening in San Francisco in March at the following venues:

March 9, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts ,701 Mission St.at 7:30.
Sunday, March 29 at Roxie Cinema 3117 at 6th Street at Valencia  at 1:00 and

Those wishing to attend the Yerba Buena Center screening can buy advance
tickets by calling 558-8129.

Seeing Haiti through Lafanmi Selavi
 Lafanmi Selavi (the family is life) is a center for street children started
by former  President Aristide in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As five children
tell of their former lives on the streets, a narrative emerges of their
personal voyages from the streets to the center. The children, their
teachers, and Aristide tell a deeply moving story of the complexities of
living in a country   effected by  colonization, military rule, and global
economy. This beautifully filmed documentary shows Haiti and its people
living in a culture of resistance, dignity and hope ­ a perspective rarely
explored by the media.

Produced, Directed  & Written by Lee Flynn
Co-Directed & Cinematography by Caitlin Manning

Lee Flynn,
Lafanmi Selavi is the second documentary Lee Flynn has produced and
directed.  Her first documentary  See Me ­ Five Young Latinas  examines the
lives of five young, poor Latina immigrants as they discussed
discrimination, gang life and their hopes and dreams for the future.  It
dispels the assumption that only the poor immigrate and that the "new" life
in the Unites States is always superior.  See Me  was shown at all the major
Latino Film Festivals in the United States as well as the Habana
International Film Festival in Cuba.  It won the best female filmmaker award
at the Marin Latino Film Festival in l998.   Lee is an anthropologist whose
interests are in Śrepresentation of the otherą,  racism and de-exoticizing
the other.

Caitlin Manning
Caitlin Manning has produced and directed award-winning documentaries and
fictional short films, including Sonhos Brasileiros  (BrazilianDreams
co-directed by Chris Carlsson), a documentary on social movements in Brazil,
Noah’s Ark, a Neo-Zapatista Delirium, (also co-directed by Chris Carlsson);
a lyrical account of he first international convention held in
Zapatista-controlled rebel territory in southern Mexico; and Stripped Bare,
a documentary on strip-tease dancers in San Francisco.  Her fictional work
includes Prelude, an award-winning half-hour narrative film about the
personal and social conflicts of a mother who is struggling to  fulfill her
creative life. Caitlin has also worked as a cinematographer, in film as well
as video,on dozens, of shorts, features and documentaries. She has worked
with Bay Area directors such as Jay Rosenblatt, Lynn Hershman,  Ted White
and JonMoritsugu as well as internationally known directors such as Ulrike
Ottinger.   She previously collaborated with Lee Flynn as a cinematographer
for "See Me", Flynn's widely acclaimed documentary on Latina girls.
 A retrospective of Manning's work was held at the Yerba Buena Center in
1996.  She currently resides in San Francisco's Misson district with her
daughter, and teaches part-time at The Academy of Art College and California
State University, Monterey Bay.

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