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#2587: Corbett replies to Grey on critique of basic charity : another reply

Thank you for your insights on this topic.  I read the corbettlist daily to 
learn...I have only been involved with Haiti for 5 years, and appreciate 
hearing views from the people who have lived there, and continue to live in 

I have no earthly idea about how to change the structure of a country, 
especially one that I know so very little about.   

I am on the charity side, but guess I don't see it as such. To me, the 
haitian people teach me much about life.  I see hope and survival. I see what 
little I can do to help a child recieve necessary surgery(for example), or 
whatever, as not more than a bandaid.  But I also hate to see people suffer.  
But you see, this help is not aimed only at Haiti...many of us do the same 
stuff here in the US, Mexico, Russia, etc.  And, I am not a wealthy person, 
but do feel blessed and believe we are all meant to help one another.  And by 
the way...I don't believe in shoving any beliefs on anyone.  In fact, most 
don't...maybe just a few radicals...

I was getting discouraged, and thought that if you all don't want us there in 
Haiti, that maybe I don't need to work tirelessly to send meds, school 
supplies, etc.  I get no pay for any of this....and work many hours.  The 
US-Bashing just got a little overwhelming lately....makes me wonder of the 
economic status of those doing the bashing, or where they are living?

Bob, I'd like to remain anonymous on this....not up to the fights with some 
of these folks...i'm just trying to learn.  thanks,

~One of the silent ones~