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#2593: Military Base Cap Haitian : Goff follows up

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

I was a member of the US military for 24 years.  I was in Haiti the first
time as the operations sergeant for a Special Forces A-Detachment.  I also
worked extensively in Latin America.  Sotocano Air Base in Honduras only
housed temporary soldiers, but it was a semi-permanent base... from where I
participated in Humanitarian Civic Action missions all over the country,
pulling teeth, treating parasites, being a general good guy.  But our
activities, which we were enthusiastic and genuine about, were designed to
maintain support for our presence, which was designed to prosecute an
illegal war against Nicaragua.  You don't know this establishment.  I was
part of it for a long time.  That base will see plenty of construction soon,
take my word for it.  They are there to be forward deployed in case the
Haitian people step out of line.