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#2618: Bellegarde-Smith replies to Antoine on Voodoo

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

> From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>
> ONE STEADY STEP FORWARD, if this magnificent pantheon of
> lwas was collectively concerned about the well-being of their
> feverishly supportive adherents.
>   I may be forever bewildered by the
> seeming overabundance of spiritual beliefs among Haitians and
> Haiti lovers and the depth of the country's material poverty. Do
> these spiritual riches serve Haitians' temporal needs or do they
> play a role against them, or perhaps should it not be expected
> that there would be any connection between our spiritual and
> temporal lives?
The author of this post misunderstands the role, purpose and function of
the spiritual dimension in spirituality (if not religion). It has no
connection with material wealth or well-being. Seems a bit Weberian (and
very much Western Protestantist, does'nt it?
		Patrick Bellegarde-Smith