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#2621: CIP/SICRAD on the Resignation of Aramick Louis from PNH (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

New Police Resignation

28 fevrier 2000

E-bdo d'actualite haitienne et de perspective
democratique et populaire

The police chief for the Department of the West, Aramick Louis, resigned 
last weekend. This was confirmed by the private police station Radio
Kiskey, without specifying the reasons for this resignation. Aramick
Louis who was also a division chief for the police is leaving four
months after the October 7, 1999 resignation of the former state
secretary for public safety Robert Manuel, who left the country.
The context of the resignation of this other high police official is the 
direct administration of the police by chief of state René Préval and
the appearance of many reports blasting the police.

There is the inspector-general's report on the Carrefour-Feilles
massacre on May 28, 1999 where a dozen youths were killed in cold blood 
by the police.

Also, according to the State Department's worldwide human-rights report 
published last week the Haitian police are responsible for extortions
and "many disappearances." It also cited an increase in summary
executions and torture.

Another element is the approach of the March 19 date for the
legislative, municipal and local elections. The departmental chief was 
forced to leave in the hurly-burly of the elections, according to the
political actors. He was known to be close to the opposition
Organisation du Peuple en Lutte (OPL).

Aramick Louis continues to carry on current affairs and await his
replacement commands all the police in greater Port-au-Prince, within
the Department of the West.

President Préval's direct involvement in police management has increased
since the end of last year. On February 24 the chief of state reiterated 
his commitment to accompany the policy in their struggle against
insecurity including in night patrols. This was on the occasion of a
ceremony at the national palace dedicating new equipment for the police.