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#2630: New book by pioneering Haitian author in translation. (fwd)

From: Epple, George <GEpple@ric.edu>

Dear list members,

It is my pleasure to bring to your attention a new publication by one of my
 The Equality of the Human Races by Antenor Firmin was published in January
2000 by Garland Press, New York.  Translated by Asselin Charles and
Introduced by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban it is translated into English for the
first time. It has been described by Lee Baker (From Savage to Negro, U of
Calif. Press 1998) as a "seminal" to critical work in the history of
anthropology, and by Faye Harrison (African-American Pioneers in
Anthropology, 1999) as a "foundational text in critcal anthropology and in
colonial/postcolonial studies".  An article on Firmin as a Haitian pioneer
of anthropology has been accepted for pubication in the American
Anthropologist and will appear in the future.

Thought the readers might be interested.  Professor Fluehr-Lobban can be
contacted at: