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#2633: Oh, that grand militaire base in Okap (fwd)


>The full court press of big US military men in >the
Cybercafe was not a rumor. 
> They were not talking about why they were >there.
 So some folks decided to check around.

They were perfectly willing to discuss everything
with anyone who cared to ask them.
They were in the Cyber Cafe checking their email.
They wanted to know also, how to get spending
money, as their per diem was $3.50 US. We told
them how to get money at Sogebank on a credit
card. The CIA neglected to inform them of how
to do this.

>No one saw the least scrap of evidence that 
>these folks were building any sort of
>permanent base.  They are occupying the 
>collection of tents they brought in
>on the transport planes we saw landing. 
> These green dwellings are at the
>end of the runway at the airport. 

They have regular military canvas tents,
pitched on the most fever ridden area around.
There is a gun post on an elevator thingie.
Perhaps the CIA is afraid that Ben Dupuy
will be coming with his forces populaire.
[I wonder what happened to that DOminican
invasion which was imminent?]

anyone asking the soldiers at the cyber cafe
would also learn that another group will
return to Okap in a few months to re-wire
the general hospital and one selected school
in the vertierre (sp?) area.

I heard that these projects were chosen
from a list of requests during the first
imperialist invasion for lavalas some
years back.

I was told that the orphanage was completely
surprized that this new septic system was
to be installed, for free, by the imperialists.