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#2645: Conference panel on Haitian Creole in education (Sat 4/4) in Boston

From: Michel DeGraff <degraff@MIT.EDU>

Those of you in the Boston area may be interested in the forthcoming panel
which will address issues dear to many list members.  (Note that all three
panelists are also list members.)

Time: Saturday, 4 March, 10:30-12:30 
Venue: George Sherman Union, Boston University, 775 Commonwealth
31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics ("ACAL 2000")

   Session 7d: The (mis)education of the Creole speaker 

   Michel DeGraff (MIT):
   Creole morphology and the morphology of an ideology

   Josiane Hudicourt-Barnes (TERC):
   Style of argumentation in Haitian Creole

   Lionel Hogu (Hyde Park School):
   Lodyans: a tool to enable success for secondary Haitian students with

Here's the entire conference program

   Boston University is pleased to announce the 31st Annual Conference on
   African Linguistics (please notice that sessions 4 through 8 are

   31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics ("ACAL 2000"), Boston
   University, March 2-5, 2000
   Preliminary Program
   N.b: all nonplenary talks are 30 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion.

   Thursday March 2nd  George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

   10 a.m.-Registration: 2nd floor lobby (through Saturday)
   Book displays: Ziskind Lounge (through Saturday)

   Session 1a
   11:40-M.J.C. Echeruo (Syracuse), Igbo gbaa verbs
   12:20-A.S. Bobda (Illinois/Yaounde 1), Towards an English pronunciation
   atlas for Africa

   Session 1c: Literacy 1
   11 a.m.-M.A. Mohamed (UTL), Indigenous medium as a tool in education: the
   case of Swahili
   11:40-S.A. Sow (Niamey), Forces et faiblesses de l'enseignement bilingue
   langue officielle/langues nationales: cas du Niger
   12:20-T. Moyo (U Zululand), The language-in-education policy and language
   politics in Malawi

   Session 2a: Syntax
   2 p.m.-S. Obeng, E. Yankey (Indiana), Negation in Nzema
   2:40- J. Mugane (Ohio), Split categories in Gikuyu
   3:20-S. Mchombo (Berkeley), On reciprocals in Bantu and the
   syntax-semantics interface

   Session 2b: Loan phonology
   2 p.m.-M. Bamba (Penn), Deletion of the medial consonant and nasal
   stability in Mawukakan
   2:40-A. Kawu (Rutgers/Ilorin), Faithfulness and markedness in Benue-Congo
   loan phonology

   Session 2c: Literacy 2
   2 p.m.-I. Diallo (Ouagadougou), J. Hutchison (Boston), Limpact du
   franais sur l'enseignement primaire au Burkina Faso
   2:40-K. Kone (SUNY-Cortland), Do proverbs constitute Africa's
   contribution to philosophy?
   3:20-O. Alidou (Cleveland State U), The development of literacies

   Plenary session
   4:15-Business meeting

   Friday March 3nd  George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

   Session 3a: Checking theory
   9:30-E. Bokamba (Illinois), Head movement, agreement and Case-marking in
   Bantu languages
   10:10-J.L. Jake (Midlands), Evidence for movement in finite control
   structures in Fur
   10:50-J. Ndayiragije (W. Ontario), Deriving syntactic ergativity

   Session 3b: Tone-bearing units
   9:30-M. Mous, K. Traore (Leiden), Contour tones and downstep in Seme
   (Kru, Burkina Faso)
   10:10-J. Ntihirageza (Chicago), Quantity-sensitivity in Kirundi
   10:50-M. Paster (OSU), The TBU in G

   Session 3c: Grammaticalizaton
   9:30-M. Meeuwis (Antwerp), The Lingala verb *kolinga* 'to want' at an
   early stage of grammaticalization
   10:10-B.B. Mbom (CUNY), Towards a typological appraisal of Basaa gender
   10:50-A. Bell (Cornell), Negatives in Afrikaans: a Khoisan interference

   Session 3d: Language death
   9:30-H. Fleming (Boston), Four endangered languages of unusual saliency
   5:40-A. Lima (Boston Public Schools), Kriolu and language impaired
   6:20-L. Caswell (Harvard), CCI: an update - foundation, activities and

   Session 4a: Kwa syntax 1
   11:40-M.C. Baker (Rutgers), A. Kawu (Rutgers), O.T. Stewart (UBC), A
   comparative analysis of serial verb constructions in Kwa languages
   12:20-G. Masagbor (UQAM), Asymmetry in Yekhee double definitness
   1 p.m.-U.P. Ihionu (Maryland), Transitivity and multiple predicate

   Session 4b: OT 1
   11:40-A. Akinlabi (Rutgers), Asymmetries in reduplicative and
   nonreduplicative defaults
   12:20-C. Zoll (MIT), Output constraints on tone mapping
   1 p.m.-C.R.C. Sheedy (UBC), Grammatical tones in Edo: an
   Optimality-Theoretical account

   Session 4c: Sociolinguistics 1
   11:40-E. Yankey (Indiana), A study of address forms in Nzema: a
   sociolinguistic and pragmatic approach
   12:20-K.E. Essizewa (NYU), Forms of address in Kabiye: a case study of
   borrowing kinship terms of address
   1 p.m.-R. Gauton, M.M. Marggraff (Pretoria), The transfer of culture when
   translating between Zulu and English, with special reference to two
   translated works: H. Rider Haggard's *Nada the Lily* and M.M. Masondo's

   Session 4d: Planning
   11:40-N.E. Phaswana (MSU), 11=1+1=2: is it true for South Africa's 11
   official-language policy?
   12:20-L.L. Muaka (Col. de Mexico), The effects of language attitudes on
   the development of the national language in Kenya
   1 p.m.-M.L. Sanogo (Ouagadougou), Problematique du choix des langues sur
   l'education au Burkina Faso

   Session 5a: Kwa syntax 2
   2:40-E.O. Aboh (Genve), Focus constructions across Kwa
   3:20-O. Oyelaran (WSSU), V. Manfredi (Boston), Weak focus-movement
   islands in Yoruba
   4 p.m.-R.-M. Dchaine (UBC), Layered Comp in Yoruba
   4:40-O. Ajiboye, R.-M. Dchaine, O.T. Stewart (UBC), The syntax of
   nominalization: evidence from Edo and Yoruba

   Session 5b: OT 2
   2:40-L.J. Downing (UBC), Bukusu reduplication
   3:20-D. Brassil (UCSD), Kirundi reduplicated adjectives
   4 p.m.-M. Cahill (SIL), Tone polarity in Konni: an Optimality-Theoretic
   4:40-B. McCall (Cleveland State), Phonological ordering of elements in
   the Luo verb

   Session 5c: Sociolinguistics 2
   3:20-E. Ochola (South Carolina), Evidence for a composite grammatical
   frame from Luo/English codeswitching
   4 p.m.-S. Obeng (Indiana), Some pragmatic properties of Ghanaian
   political discourse: a pragmalinguistic analysis of intertextuality,
   evidentiality and contrast establishment
   4:40-F. Ngom (Illinois), Religious and linguistic behaviors as means of
   anticolonial resistance in Subsaharan Africa: the case of the Murids in

   Session 5d: Area studies
   2:40-N. Cyffer (Wien), Common linguistic features in languages of the
   wider Lake Chad area
   3:20-G. Hudson (MSU), Alphabeticness, uniqueness and alleged deficiency
   of the Ethiopic writing system
   4 p.m.-M. Garba (Temple), The Ancient Egyptian sign for lateral /L/: *L-t
   'time, moment'
   4:40-D. Duke (UTArlington/SIL), The Bayaka Pygmies and their 'masters':
   factors effecting language shift

   Plenary session
   5:30-Ngugi wa Thiongo (NYU), "After Asmara: the future of African
   languages and literatures"
   7 p.m.-Public reception

   Saturday March 4th  George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave.

   Session 6a: Verb focus
   9 a.m.-C. Stanley-Thorne (Moncton), "The coming that they came": verb
   topicalization and verb and sentence focus in Tikar
   9:40-N. Hall (UMass Amherst), Factive relative clauses in Bafut

   Session 6c: Afroasiatic syntax
   9 a.m.-G. Halefom, J. Lumsden (UQAM), TBA
   9:40-A. Benmamoun (Illinois), TBA

   Session 6d: Englishes
   9 a.m.-J.V. Singler (NYU), Liberian Settler English: how African is it?
   9:40-M. Mutonya (Washington U), African English vowel systems: acoustic
   and perceptual analysis

   Session 7a: CP structure
   10:30-C.N.B. Keach (Temple), On the obligatory presence of object marking
   in Swahili relative clauses
   11:10-D. Ngonyani (MSU), The relative marker in Bantu: a pronoun or
   11:50-B. Oduntan (Iowa), Wh-phrases and complementizers in Yoruba:
   evidence for a multi-layered complementizer system

   Session 7b: Grammatical tone
   10:30-D. Odden (Troms/OSU), Tachoni verbal tonology
   11:10-L. Bickmore (Albany), Chilungu verbal tonology
   11:50-L.M. Hyman, K.J. Olawsky (Berkeley), Dagbani verb tonology

   Session 7c: Afroasiatic phonology
   10:30-A. Idrissi (UQAM), Phonological transfer in root-and-pattern
   11:10-S. Rose (UCSD), Roots, radicals and Semitic reduplication
   11:50-D. Petros-Banksira (MIT), Interactions of gemination and

   Session 7d: The (mis)education of the Creole speaker 
   10:30-M. DeGraff (MIT), Creole morphology and the morphology of an
   11:10-J.H. Barnes (TERC), Style of argumentation in Haitian Creole
   11:50-L. Hogu (Hyde Park School), Lodyans: a tool to enable success for
   secondary Haitian students with limited formal schooling

   Session 8a: Afro-Atlantic 1
   1:30-A. Schwegler (Costa Rica/UCI), The Black ritual curse: the art of
   'sounding' in the Americas
   2:10-K. Bilby (Smithsonian), Reevaluating the African lexical component
   of the Surinamese Maroon Creoles: the Aluku case
   2:50-K.K.B. Fu-Kiau (Boston, Mass.), African diasporadic languages:
   unspoken but alive and powerful
   3:30-M. Warner-Lewis (UWI), Challenges in translating Trinidad Yoruba
   song texts

   Session 8b: Applicatives
   1:30-P. Mabugu (Edinburgh), The applicative construction in Chishona
   2:10-K. Demuth, J. Bulkowski, Alaka Holla (Brown), Object drop in Bantu
   languages: implications for learning the argument structure of verbs
   2:50-R. Silvester (U of the North), Bantu complex predicates and
   grammatical functions: implications for the thematic hierarchy
   3:30-L. Makhubu (M.I Sultan T), The effect of the applicative affix *-el*
   in isiZulu intransitive verbs

   Session 8c: Laryngeal phonology
   1:30-M. Russell (Illinois), Phonetic aspects of tone displacement in Zulu
   2:10-M. Bradshaw (Chicago), Voicing phenomena in Suma
   2:50-A. Miller-Ockhuizen (OSU), Laryngeal-pharyngeal interactions
   3:30-N. Clements, S. Osu (Paris), Sonorant stops: new evidence from Ikwere

   Session 8d: Morphology
   1:30-I.A. Traore (Bamako), Songhay personal pronouns
   2:10-S. Sow (Niamey), Le morpheme *'en* en fulfude: essai d'analyse d'une
   modalite nominale
   2:50-A. Kimenyi (CSU), The verb perfective marker and consonant mutation
   in Kikongo
   3:30-M. Gimba (UCLA), Verb reduplication in Bole

   Session 9a: Afro-Atlantic 2
   4:20-I. Miller (Schomburg Center), From West African Ekpe to Cuban
   Abakua: linguistic evidence for the presence of Africa in Cuba
   5 p.m.-R. Gonzalez (Boston, Mass.), Cantos de Lucumi: interpretacion
   5:40-J. Mason (Yoruba Theological Archministry), Problem areas in
   translating Yoruba texts
   6:20-D. Dawson (American Museum of Natural History), TBA

   Session 9b: Capeverdean language in education
   4:20-M. da Luz Goncalves (Boston Public Schools), The new orthographic
   system - ALUPEK: its conception, legislation, approach, tryout: the
   Boston Experience
   5 p.m.-G. Goncalves (Boston Public Schools), Bilingual education and the
   Capeverdean Program - the law, experiences, successes and program model
   for the Diaspora
   5:40-A. Lima (Boston Public Schools), Kriolu and language impaired
   6:20-L. Caswell (Harvard), CCI: an update - foundation, activities and

   Session 9c: Phonology
   4:20-J. Riggle (UCLA), Relational markedness in Bantu vowel harmony
   5 p.m.-E. Koffi (Houghton), Unnasalized vowels in nasalizable
   environments in Anyi
   5:40-S. Lyon (UCSC), An OT account of consonant gradation in Fula
   6:20-K.S. Olson (Chicago/SIL), Languages in which the labial flap is found

   Session 9d 4:20-M. Johnson, K. Demuth, S. Canon (Brown), Morphological
   tagging and glossing of Bantu language corpora
   5 p.m.-A. Kimenyi (CSU), Life as journey metaphor in Kinyarwanda
   5:40-Y. Morimoto (Stanford), The role of animacy and associational
   harmony in Bantu
   6:20-S. Mchombo (Berkeley), Choppin' up Chichewa

   Plenary session
   8 p.m.-Dinner-dance, catered by Restaurant Sodade Terra, Jorge
   Hernandez Cultural Center, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion, 85 West Newton
   Street, Boston.

   Sunday March 5th  General Classroom Building, 750 Commonwealth Ave.

   Session 10a
   10:00-S. Makoni (Cape Town/Michigan), The South African constitution and
   multilingualism: an argument for the disinvention of African languages
   10:40-R. Schaefer (S. Illinois), F. Egbokhare (Ibadan), Emai's
   classificatory put verbs

   Session 10b: Gikuyu orthography
   10 a.m.-Workshop chaired by C. Githiora and open to all ACAL participants

   Session 10c: Igbo
   10 a.m.-M.A.A.N. Uwalaka (Ibadan), Tense and movement in Igbo
   10:40-P.A. Nwachukwu (Nsuka), Case theory, the theta-criterion and Igbo
   inherent complement predicates

   Session 11b: Gikuyu orthography 2
   11:40-[Workshop continues.]

   Session 11c: Anaang
   11:40-U.I. Idem (Uyo), The pro-drop parameter in Anaang
   12:20- I. Icheji (Uyo), Anaang syllable structure

   Session 12b: Gikuyu orthography 3 2 p.m.-[Workshop concludes.]

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