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#2670: 1990 Elections, U.S. Invasion (fwd)


Dear Steve:

To question 1, the answer is yes. This wasn't Haiti's first experience with elections. But, according to international observers like the U.N and the OAS, these elections were free and fair.

To question 2, the reason why the coup leaders agreed to Carter, Powell and Nunn's points was because, they had reliable information that the American military was already on its way to bombard them. They knew they wouldn't have survived and thus gave up. You can (if you wish), try and contact CNN and see if they can dig that piece of reporting for you from their archives.I personally remember that report.

To question 3, Emile Jonassaint "had the last word" if we can believe that. That is again, according to that same CNN report back in 1994. He signed the agreement. If you know the history of the coup, you will be able to determine on your own whether, Jonassaint was a puppet or not. Personally, I think he was.

Hyppolite Pierre