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#2676: Fuller seeks health sources: Lowe replies

From: Chad Lowe <chadlowe@hotmail.com>

From: chadlowe@hotmail.com

I have recently come across several books that may be helpful to you.

1) "Haitian-English English-Haitian Medical Dictionary", 3rd ed.  (I think 
this was mentioned by someone else on the list recently.)

2) "Haitian-English Medical Phraseology", and

3) "Third-World Folk Beliefs and Practices: Haitian Medical Anthropology"

All are by Byant C. Freeman and are available from the University of Kansas. 
  I ordered mine off the internet at 
http://www.jayhawks.com/oread/index.html or you can phone them at 
785-864-4431.  They are $10US a piece (not including shipping).  There are 
also audio cassettes available to accompany the phraseology book, as well as 
some nursing references (books and cassettes).  I have quite enjoyed the 
anthropology, and it sounds like that might be useful to you.

Chad Lowe.

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