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#2678: U.S. Invasion (fwd)

From: A. =?iso-8859-1?Q?M=E9dard?= <amedard@gte.net>

> Key Words: 1990 Elections, U.S. Invasion
> 2.  Also, which played the greater role in the coup leaders' decision
> to
> agree to Carter, Powell, and Nunn's points of negotiation:  their
> negotiations or news that overwhelming force was on the way.  Some say
> that
> the news that troops were on the way almost scuttled the negotiations,
> others argue that they hastened the deal.

I lived in Haiti through all of the coups since and including Jean
Claude, and I followed the situation closely.  The news that the troops
were on their way did, indeed, almost scuttle negotiations.   Those to
whom you refer as "the coup leaders" held high respect for Carter and
Powell.  It is the accompanying trust that allowed negotiations to
proceed.  As negotiations were progressing, the fact that the troops
were on their way gave forth potential reason to question the integrity
of the Carter / Powell / Nunn team.  Carter / Powell / Nunn were,
however, very upset when they learned that the planes were en route.

It might help you to do a thorough search on Carter's initial reaction
and what he had to say upon his return ... before the White House tried
to hush and/or do its usual twisting of facts.