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#2685: Adieu to Dr. Pradel POMPILUS (one of Haiti's top scholars): Canal comments

From: Francois Canal <axxaxx@yahoo.com>

As a former student of Prof. Pradel Pompilus at Centre
d'Etudes Secondaires, I remember him now as one of the
few balanced thinkers of language relations in Haiti
then. When he would teach French literature or French
grammar, he would never make derogatory comments about
the Haitian language (not even once!) and put French
on a pedestal (as is customary for language and
literature instructors in Haiti to do). He embodied
the sensible position Haiti as a nation should adopt
regarding its use of more than one language: draw from
the wealth of all cultural experiences through their
languages to strengthen what is unique to it, Haitian
Creole (kreyol). Prof. Pompilus put to rest in his
teaching and philosophy the fallacy and trap opposing
French to Kreyol.

I am proud to have been shaped by the teaching and
philosophy of a practical visionary. May he rest in

Francois Canal
1721 Stonehaven Dr. Apt#2
Boynton Beach, FL 33436-6516
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