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#list: Re: #2682: Haiti/DR (fwd)


If it's true that Haiti gets nothing (whatever it is that has to be gotten) 
or at least if that impression is given, that's most likely because Haiti's 
constantly run by a buch of incompetent and venal politicians who use color 
politics as a smoke screen to blind the people while they fill their pocket 
and make their way to the airport to fly away and stash their loot in foreign 
banks. That does not mean the door should not be left open for the occasional 
rare opportunity that a good person might get in and do some good. And how 
would you start resolving a possible dispute which is always bound to happen 
when you have two nations ( shall we say groups of people) sharing a 
relatively small piece of land and trying to elbow each other off to sea?
          Math Jerome