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#2707: If you know someone... (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

If you happen to know someone who is interested in evaluating several paths
to the economic development of Haiti, perhaps a college student or a
presidential candidate, a professional development planner or just anyone
with a sincere interest in seeing Haiti come out of its economic quagmire,
please take this very simple step:  pass along this e-mail to him or her.
That's all!

This very simple step might go a long way towards elevating our national
economic dialogue, and put pressure on our politicians and planners to stop
speaking "bèl franse" and start talking about real solutions.

We can REQUIRE our would-be leaders to demonstrate where they want to take
us and HOW.  Here is a place where you might get started in your dialogue,
and it is my hope that you will participate as well:

1) Patrice Backer: Haiti Needs A Structural Adjustment,

2) Tatiana Wah: The case for a National Economic Development Plan,

3) Antonia Malone: Development Must Start With The Poor,

4) Antonia Malone: Microcredit For The Developing World,

5) François-Marie Michel: A critical evaluation of P.B.'s Arguments and a
Structural Adjustment Program for Haiti,

6) Max Blanchet: Democracy in Haiti - Economic Policy & Security,

7) Reactions and contributions to the above debate, from various

- Jean Saint-Vil, http://windowsonhaiti.com/bbs/messages/302.html

- Frantz Jean, http://windowsonhaiti.com/w00013-fje.htm

- Serge Bellegarde, http://windowsonhaiti.com/w00013-bel.htm

- Mark Gill, http://windowsonhaiti.com/w00013-gil.htm

- Tom Buller, http://windowsonhaiti.com/w00013-bul.htm

Finally, regardless of your political orientation or affiliation, I highly
recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "White Book" from Fanmi
Lavalas, "Investir Dans L'Humain - Livre Blanc De Fanmi Lavalas, sous la
direction de Jean-Bertrand Aristide", if only because it is a serious
undertaking that evaluates Haiti's economic ills and a prescription for its
future, in very concrete terms, with an abundance of highly pertinent
statistics, and a style that is fairly accessible to all who speak French. I
do not know whether the book is also available, in parts or in whole, in
other languages such as Kreyol and English.  What I can tell you is that it
represents a serious platform for the Fanmi Lavalas Party.  It is my hope
that other political parties in Haiti, that are truly worth their salt, will
prove themselves equal to the task.  Only with the education that results
from a national dialogue, will we make informed choices AND demand from our
leaders the political will to carry out the reforms that surely will be

Please participate... or just pass this along to someone who might be

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!