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#2721: Painting With A Broad Brush : Grey replies


J. Don Barnett writes:

"It is very good that this
 type of preaching by missionaries is rare."

It is NOT rare, it is par for the course.  For example, every single pastor in Haiti, Haitian or visiting American, to whom I have been introduced has been extremely negative toward me once they become aware that I am a Mambo.  They unanimously promise me hell and threaten to "pray for me".

Likewise, the vast majority, from "Pastor Bob" in Grand Goave to the Seventh Day Adventists to the Mormons to the little independant Haitian evangelicals, encourage a philosophy of dependance and "resignation".

Sylvio Claude was a Protestant pastor with some vision, and he got so very little support from his colleagues that they said NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL, when he was MURDERED.

Peace and love,

Mambo Racine Sans Bout

P.S.  -  Se bon ki ra, means "it is that which is good which is rare".  It does not mean that which is rare is good.  Did I misunderstand you?  Sorry, if so.